Rescue & Rehabilitation


The Parrot Rescue Centre Rescue Program involves taking on birds that are in unsuitable, life threatening and dangerous situations.

We place them in a safe and caring environment with professionals who understand the needs and requirements of parrots.

These birds will be quarantined and assessed individually to accurately give them the attention they need, whether this involves medical attention, behaviour management or a new home.

The PRC does not have the legal authority to take birds without the owner's permission, so if you are wanting to report the mistreatment of a parrot you firstly need to contact the RSPCA in your area. They are legally able to go and assess the conditions and provide a warning. If nothing changes within a certain amount of time then the bird will be removed and rehomed.


The Parrot Rescue Centre rehabilitates birds that are in need of special health care. Some of the roles involved in this process are:

  • Managing destructive behaviours such as aggression, feather destruction, self mutilation and screaming.
  • Allow for the development of trust and confidence between the human and bird relationship.
  • Encourage good health within the birds with appropriate nutrition needs met for each individual bird.
  • Provide an environment that promotes well-adjusted, content, active, interactive and happy birds.
  • Customise the interaction with each bird depending on there individual needs.
  • Teach humans how to interact appropriately with birds that have special requirements.

We take a great deal of time and care in helping birds that have special requirements. Every bird is different, they may have similar characteristics to other birds of the same species, but all have a different level of intelligence and have all been manipulated by humans in different ways. Just as human twins may look the same but act differently, feel differently and adjust to life in different ways.

The important key to understanding a birds health issues is knowing the bird’s history, and when a bird comes in to the PRC a history questionnaire is completed, this gives us a better understanding of why the bird is the way it is. Unfortunately a lot of the birds have come with no history and it is up to us to monitor every behaviour and to have full health checks from an Avian Vet to fully understand what is going on. The process of monitoring a bird’s behaviour and interaction to understand what the bird has been through can be a slow drawn out process which takes a lot of patience by the staff members and understanding of parrot behavoiur in general.

The birds are then provided with the appropriate needs being specialised nutritional support, bathing preferably rain water, natural sun light, large enclosures, physical and psychological enrichment items and socialisation.

At the PRC we transition all birds that are here for ongoing rehabilitation back into a flock environment with their own species where they learn to be birds again rather then human companions.

We do not like to turn away any parrot but due to the cost and time involved in building aviaries, providing fresh food and enrichment, the time has come where we can only provide quality care for so many.

Due to the increase of surrendered birds in Australia our resources are stretched to the limit and we need your help in regards to foster carers, donations of food, toys, cages, aviaries or aviary materials.

There is a lot of time, resources, effort and expense taken to manage behaviour issues and permanent sanctuary parrots and due to the PRC relying solely on the profits from the Shop, Boarding, Adoptions and Donations, we are only able to take in a limited amount of parrots. 

With your help, through purchasing from the PRC Shop or Virtual Adoption/Sponsoring a parrot, we are able to provide what is needed to take in more parrots and move parrots through rehab more effectively and efficiently.

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