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Rehoming Testimonials

Thankyou I can’t express how grateful I am for all your help you have gone well and truly  above  what I expected , it is such a relief to know he will be going to such a wonderful home,  I have spoken to Andrea already and made arrangements , once again thankyou very much for your out standing efforts.

Angela Burridge, WA


Just letting you know that Tracey collected the birds today. She is very lovely and as sad as it was to say goodbye I am very happy that they will be going to someone who has the time to give them the attention they need. 

I can't thank you enough for the excellent , friendly service you provided. I felt very at ease and confident with the willingness to follow up on and prompt responses to my queries.

Thank you again for making this process as smooth and stress free as it could be.

Celine Kovacic, QLD


We are delighted with your service and professionalism.  We are confident that Floyd is going to a great home and that Daniel and Floyd will bond and give each other lots of enjoyment.

Chris Kondratowicz, QLD


Our most grateful thanks too for finding a new home for Samson and Delilah - I would be more than happy to recommend your service at any time.  I really don't know what we would have done with these two birds.

Anne Smith, QLD


Thank you to the Parrot Rescue Centre who do an amazing job finding homes for all the little feathered guys and gals that need them. Today my beautiful Indy boy (Alexandrine Parrot) met his new family and I have to say that I cannot imagine a more perfect home for him. I know he will be loved, treasured and spoilt everyday.

I am so happy that Lynda and Ian love him as much as I have! He is such an amazing bird with such a loving personality. I spoke to some bird breeders at the bird store here in Dallas when I was buying finch food and they assured me that had I tried to bring Clancy to the states, he would have been very scared and upset and would probably never recover, and they don't think anyone should do it. So I feel I made the right decision, I am so happy you and Lynda could help me out, and that Clancy ended up in SUCH a loving home. I couldn't ask for a better place for him. Thanks again for all your support.

Hope Hagar, QLD

As you know it was such a difficult decision to rehome Champas because I had hand raised her over 14 years ago and she had really bonded with me over such a long period of time. After moving into our new place and seeing her so unsettled and unhappy, I knew I had to look at rehoming her to an aviary where she had more space and the opportunity to partner up with another Alex. Although it was a very difficult decision to make, once I saw Danny's set up, it made me so happy to know that she will be really well looked after. His aviary is absolutely amazing! I took so many photos of her new home and all of the other parrots there. It really made it alot easier for me to rehome her when I knew she was going to someone that you had reccommended and who understood parrots completely. Danny has also offered for me to visit her every now and then which is so lovely and definately something I will do once she has completely settled in.

I really appreciate all of your effort in helping me find Champas a new home. You do such an amazing job Zarita and have been so helpful to me over the years with boarding Champas when I have been away. Hopefully one day when our situation changes, I may be able to support the Parrot Rescue Centre by becoming an adoptee to show my appreciation.

Thanks again and all the best,

Brooke Findlow, QLD

I want to thank the PRC firstly for being so thorough with whom they pass as possible adoptees and for being so understanding during this difficult process. When I adopted my GCC Sweet Dee I envisioned us growing old together, unfrotunately my partner didn't come to love her as I did and I became her sole caretaker. Shortly after I found out that I was pregnant and I began to worry that I wouldn't be able to spend the 10-12 hours a day with her I was currently spending once the baby came along, and I never for one moment wanted her to feel alone or unwanted. As her mummy I came to the hard realisation that I wouldn't be able to continue to give her the amount of time and attention she truly deserved whilst caring for an infant and also spending time with my husband. I wanted her to be in a home where she was hardly in her cage, always surrounded by people who loved her and desereved to have such a beautiful little bird. Her happiness was more important than my own, and when the PRC sent me some information about a family that wanted to adopt Sweet Dee it seemed almost too good to be true. On paper they seemed to be giving their current two birds the type of life I had wanted to give to Sweet Dee myself. After exchanging some emails, they agreed to let me come down with Sweet Dee for a playdate as I wanted to meet them in person as well as Sweet Dee meeting them and their two birds before proceeding any further. Within 15minutes of arriving my little girl was already giving her new mummy and daddy kisses and assessing her new home, even sneaking a blueberry from one of her future brother's bowls. I knew then and there that she would be the happiest bird in the world living here, and that I would miss her more than she would miss me as she would simply be having so much fun and getting so much attention. I want to thank Debbie and Peter from the bottom of my heart for not only accepting Sweet Dee into your family, but for the daily emails you have been sending about her to help me get through these early stages of seperation. You have made the hardest decision of my life so much easier; I know now that Sweet Dee only came to me so that she could get to you. Everyday I am thankful that the PRC led me and my little girl to you both, you are truly heaven sent and I will be forever in your debt, you will never know how much it means to me to know that Sweet Dee is loved, safe and treasured. Thank you.

Chanel M, VIC

Pleased to say that I just got back from delivering Eddie to his new home. I will miss him something terrible, but I am so happy with Mary and her family, Eddie is going to fit in so well. He's interacting with Mary's other birds very well and seems to be right at home. I couldn't possibly think of a better outcome for this situation. Rehoming is something I have been dreading for so long, but thanks to the PRC, the results have been amazing. I am super impressed with the service you provided and extremely happy with the outcome. I thank you sincerely for helping Eddie and myself through this difficult process.

Ben Neale, SA

I emailed you a while back about my Rainbow Lorikeet Gabby and re-homing. He has been at the wildlife centre near Richmond and found a new friend along the way. I am delighted that Naomi took him to his new home last Saturday and now the 2 lorikeets are with another one. Naomi has been a Godsend in sorting this out and he couldn't be in a better place, she tells me it is a great aviary set up and not only has he got 2 female friends, he has a new "mum" who will get him out to play. All three Lorikeets are getting along amazingly and it warmed my heart to hear this, Naomi will keep me posted on his progress.

I felt so awful putting him up for adoption, but I know I made the right decision for him and I am sooooo happy he has gone to the best home. I am very confident he will be as loving and surely as entertaining for his new owner as he was for me. He truely is a great little guy, he entertained Naomi on the drive down saying "Good boy Gabby!"

I'd like to thank you and your team for doing a great job, and helping me at a difficult time.  I will continue to send donations, it will be a delight to help you out wherever possible.

Sharon Foster, NSW

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