Home Adoption

Thank you for expressing interest in adopting a parrot through the Parrot Rescue Centre.

Our Adoption Program is available Australian Wide.

Our adoption procedure is designed to be in the bird's best interest, so we appreciate your patience with this process. 

The adoption process is only available online and can take up to 10 working days to complete (Monday to Friday). 

Below are the steps to our Adoption process. Please ensure you read all material provided on the left hand side menu bar before applying.

Adoption Process Steps:

  1. Read Pre-Adoption Considerations 
  2. Read Adoption Agreement
  3. Read FAQ - Go to heading Adoption
  4. Fill out Home Adoption Form  & provide photos of your current birds play areas & cage setup. 
  5. PRC Adoption Co-ordinator will contact you to discuss your application (within 5 working days, once we receive your photos)
  6. Pre Adoption Workshop - If we feel you do not have enough experience/knowledge we may request that you complete our workshop (cost $120)
  7. Adoption process completion email received.
  8. Choose a bird that you are interested in adopting and we will discuss your application with the owners of the bird. Click here to see Birds for Adoption
  9. Adoption Agreement  filled out and signed
  10. Adoption Fee varies depending on species from $60 to $200 per bird
  11. Adoptee receives bird
  12. Adoptee must maintain contact with us  

Taking care of a companion bird is a serious responsibility. 

We insist that each person who adopts a bird understands these responsibilities and can fulfil them. 

All adoption requests must be made by a responsible person who is prepared to commit totally to the bird they adopt and is open to change, learning and further education. 

We encourage children to learn how to relate to birds, but we do not encourage the sole responsibility of the care of the bird as a child's teaching tool, therefore the primary adopter must be an adult over the age of 18. 

We will also require some bird owners who do not have sufficient experience/knowledge to undertake our Pre Adoption Workshop before adopting birds from us. We will provide further information once we receive your application.

If you would like to adopt a pet parrot from the PRC please read the Pre-Adoption Considerations to continue the adoption process.