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Rehoming Your Bird


Our Rehoming service is currently CLOSED

Due to staff shortages we are currently not able to help with the rehoming of pet birds to the general public.

If you have a found bird that requires rehoming please read the info under Top 7 questions on our contact us page Click here.

If you require urgent rehoming of your pet bird please contact the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League.


PRC Rehoming Service is available in all Australian States. 

Please read all information provided below thoroughly before applying for rehoming. 

This Rehoming service is run Part Time and Online only (NO phone or physical consultations available. All questions need to be emailed). Emails and application forms will be checked and processed between 1pm to 3pm Tuesday to Thursday only. Closed Public Holidays and during other times. There may be delays in reply of up to 3 of the above business days.

The Parrot Rescue Centre does not provide the “resale” of parrots; we are designed exclusively to cater for parrots with legitimate rehoming needs.

Each parrots individual needs will be assessed by us to ensure that your bird is rehomed into the correct environment.

We place adopted parrots in a safe and caring environment with dedicated carers who understand the needs and requirements of parrots. We have created a strict set of criteria and application standards for Adoptee's to help care for your birds best interests. This enables us to ensure that your bird will be rehomed to someone that has the knowledge, experience and dedication to keep your parrot forever. 

The below process is for pet parrot owners requiring rehoming of their bird, if you have a bird you have found and it has been in your care less than 6 months, please go to our Contact us page and read Lost & Found info under Top 7 Questions.  If you have had a found bird in your care for over 6 months please fill in the form below. 

The process for Rehoming your pet parrot through the PRC is outlined in the stages below:


Stage 1: Critical Evaluation & Reflection...

  • Before you make a final decision to re home your parrot it is advised that you sit down with your family or other members of your household and critically reflect on the decision to relinquish your parrot. Make a list of the reasons why you feel you can no longer keep your parrot and assure you’re self that you are in the process of making a decision that is truly in the best interests of the bird. After reflection you may feel that the issues you are facing primarily revolve around the behaviour of the parrot. In such circumstances we advise that you consider `Stage 2’ of our process and let’s see if we can help you work through issues and concerns that may be contributing to your interest in surrendering. In cases where a change of living circumstances, health concerns or an incapacity to care for your parrot are evident then you can proceed to `Stage 3’.


Stage 2: Support Access

  • After you have reflected on your situation you may feel it is worth one last effort to work through behaviour and/or care issues you have with your parrot and that is what the Parrot Rescue Centre Behavioural Consultants Directory and Resources are there for. 

  • We have resources in place right here on our website that will help you work through your situation, including a directory of experienced Parrot Behaviour Consultant.

  • There are a number of behaviour consultants who may be able to come to you for an in-home consultation or arrange a phone consultation to address specific areas of support you require. These are generally fee paying services but it should be considered a minimal investment in seeking potential long-term solutions. For more information on our recommended behaviour consultants please see link in menu bar. 

  • If you would like further direction on which books and articles we recommend for parrot behaviour advice then contact us. 

  • If you feel that you would like to continue with the rehoming your bird then see options below. 

  • We firstly suggest you try to find a home yourself via the Trading Post, Gumtree, Australian Pet Link, The Pet Directory or Facebook bird groups.

  • If you are in a position which makes it difficult for you to rehome your bird yourself then please proceed to Stage 3. Please note due to limited staff and time we are not able to process all applications. During our closed periods, please see option above or below.

  • If your situation is urgent then please contact the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League.


Stage 3: Applying for Rehoming

  • Requirement: Your bird is required to have had a health check within the last two years by an Avian Vet. Please ensure this health check has been done prior to applying for rehoming. A health certificate from your Avian vet will be required. To find your nearest Avian vet please click here.

  • Health check should include: 

    • Tested negative to Psittacosis (Chlamydophila psittaci)

    • Tested negative to PBFDV (Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease virus) & Polyoma Virus– Avian Vet can do a physical examination on bird to see if the bird has signs of these diseases, if no physical signs, then blood tests are not required, the vet just needs to state the bird is physically clear of these diseases on their health certificate.

    • Faeces Tested negative for worms and bacteria

    • Examination suggests that the bird is clinically free of illness or infection and is considered in sound physical health by the examining veterinarian

  • If your bird has had a health check with an Avian Vet within the last two years, then please go to Apply for Rehoming and complete the form attached

  • Email a clear photo of your bird/s (see our Birds for adoption album for e.g) and a copy of your birds health certificate. Email details will be provided on your applicatoin form confirmation email. 

  • Please note our Rehoming service is only available online and we do not provide phone or physical consultations, correspondence is via email only. If you have further questions you will need to contact us.

  • This service is run Part Time, emails and application forms will be checked and processed between 1pm to 3pm Tuesday to Thursday.


Stage 5: Rehoming Acceptance & Fee

  • Once your Rehoming form has been submitted you will be sent an email to confirm that we have received your application. 

  • We will then contact you within 3 working days to process your application. If you do not hear from us please email us to confirm we have received your application.

  • There are fees involved with our rehoming service, so if you do not want to pay a fee for rehoming we suggest you try to find a home yourself via the Trading Post, Gumtree, Australian Pet Link, The Pet Directory or Facebook bird groups.

  • The total rehoming fee is $80 ($30 processing & $50 Rehoming) (maximum 2 birds e.g If you have a pair of birds and only require us to rehome them to one home it will be $80 for the pair, if you have 2 birds and require 2 separate homes it will be $80 per bird)

  • There will be a $30 processing fee charged on your initial application, this is non-refundable. This fee covers us processing your application, setting up a profile of the bird, checking our files for any interested adoptees, advertising your bird on our "Birds for Adoption page" , processing adoption applications for your bird and discussing up to 3 approved adoption applicants with you. These will be applicants that we are happy to adopt birds to, so you will need to choose from one of these provided. Our Birds for Adoption page is listed on the Home Adoption Page on our website and advertised on Facebook. Our Adoption Page is also advertised monthly & bi monthly in several bird magazines. This listing is only valid for 12 months, if we cannot help you find a home within that time you will need to pay an additional $30 to relist for another year. 

  • The remaining $50 is for the actual rehoming and will be processed once a home has been found for your bird/s. (Maximum 2 birds per $80 - per one listing)

  • This fee helps with the running of our facility and services, so we are very grateful for the support! 

  • Once we receive your processing fee, we will send you an email confirmation and let you know your bird has been listed for adoption. After that we will only email you if we have someone interested in adopting your bird or if we need to update your birds profile, so if you do not hear from us for a while it will mean we have had no one interested in adopting your bird. Please keep an eye on your emails and also spam folder, as email is our main correspondence method.

  • We do NOT guarantee the rehoming of your bird, as it will be based on the interest we receive from the public.

Stage 6: Foster Care and Waiting Period

  • We prefer that you continue to care for your bird/s until a new home is found.

  • If you require urgent rehoming and we do not have a home available, we may be able to organize a foster carer to care for your bird/s until their forever home is found. This is only available for certain urgent situations and in certain areas. This is currently only available in QLD & NSW and we do have limited placing, so not all birds will be accepted into foster care. We require at least 10 business days’ notice for urgent rehomes, if you cannot provide this then please contact your nearest RSPCA or Animal Welfare League.

  • Please see our FAQ page under Rehoming for "What urgent rehoming situations can you help with?"

  • There are additional upfront fees with foster care for some urgent rehoming situations. Fees include: 

    • Health Check $300 - All birds that go into foster care have to have a recent health check by an Avian Vet, you can opt to pay us and we will organise the health check for you. If you are going to do the health check please check with us what this needs to cover. 

    • Boarding fee - this will depend on the time frame we estimate the bird will be in care. 

    • Rehoming fee - $80

  • If you require foster care please note this on your form under Additional comments & Special Requests. 

  • Once your bird is placed into foster care you will relinquish all ownership rights of your bird to the PRC and the decision on the final home will be up to the PRC. If you would like to have the final say on where your bird is placed, you will need to care for your bird until a suitable home is found or pay for further boarding costs to have your bird in foster care. 

  • The waiting time for a bird to be rehomed can vary from a couple of weeks or months. Some species that have behaviour issues or special rehoming requirements may take longer.

  • As mentioned we do NOT guarantee the rehoming of your bird, as it will be based on the interest we receive from the public 

  • If you find alternative arrangements for your bird/s during the process of us trying to find your bird/s a home, we would greatly appreciate you letting us know, so that we can update our information


Stage 7: New Home Found

  • Once we have found your bird/s a home you will be contacted via email and we will discuss the adoptees application with you. Please note that we will only discuss up to 3 approved applicants for the $30 processing fee. These will be applicants that we are happy to adopt birds to, so you will need to choose from one of the 3 provided. We cannot help with any further applicants if you decide not to proceed with the applicants we provide. We will refer you to other rehoming options listed above in stage 5, if you decide not to proceed with our applicants.

  • All correspondence/questions to the applicant is through us and there are NO pre adoption visits. 

  • Once you approve the applicant all payments and paperwork have to be finalised up front before we pass on contact info.

  • If you approve the new home, we will then organise the adoptee to fill out our Adoption Agreement and pay an adoption fee. This fee helps with the running of our facility and services.

  • Once we receive the adoptee's agreement, we will then organise for you to pay the remaining rehoming fee. 

  • Once the remaining fee is paid, your contact details will be passed onto the adoptee, so that they can contact you to make arrangements for collection, drop off or transport. We will also give you the adoptee's contact details, so that you can stay in touch with them to get updates on your birds progress. We do not have the time to provide ongoing updates to previous owners, so you will need to stay in touch with the adoptee directly. 

  • The cost and organisation related to transporting (air or road) the bird/s to its new home will need to be discussed with the new owner. Generally we ask the adoptee to cover transport costs, but if you are willing to help please let us know in your application. 

  • We have found that the transition for a bird into a new environment is much easier when the bird is surrounded with its familiar belongings. If possible, please provide the new owner with your bird’s cage, dishes and toys.


Stage 8: Feedback:

  • Once your bird/s have been placed in their new home, we would love to hear your feedback and if you were satisfied with our service. 

  • Thank you in advance.


 FAQ: Additional Frequently Asked Questions about Rehoming can be found on the following link and then scroll down the page to the heading Rehoming Click here.


"Many have forgotten this truth but you must not forget it. We remain responsible forever for what we have tamed"  Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince

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