Shop Testimonials

I've been getting toys, food and accessories from the PRC shop for almost a year now, and remain very impressed with the exceptional (and speedy) service and communication I receive from Zarita. Everything I have ordered has arrived in A1 condition and has been exactly as described / pictured on the site. I have no hesitation in recommending the PRC shop to any parrot parent. I also really like supporting PRC's work rescuing and rehabilitating parrots by shopping with them rather than at a pet store. Congratulations to Zarita and her team for a wonderful shop and for the wonderful work you all do for parrots. (from Alexis - for Billy & Cricket - the Sulpher Crested pair)

I "renamed" Jinny as Cricket because its one of the few words she repeats frequently and she seemed to respond to it...Was very excited as two days ago she started playing with (well destroying) some of those paper bangles you sell - first time she has shown any interest in toys. YAY!

Alexis Mulhearn, NSW

Received the order today and as always the service and products are great. I have two Eclectus parrots at home waiting to play with their new toys. I never have any problems with your products or service everthing is always two thumbs up. I have recommended your website to most of my friends and i know that they also buy products from you because they see how much fun my two birds have. I will post a picture when I get home.

Talia Graf, QLD

My husband and I have been purchasing Parrot Rescue toys, nuts and pellets for almost a year now. We have always been very happy with the quality and knowledge of purchasing such items are specially designed for birds and hence safe. The added thought that we are helping such a fine organisation as Parrot Rescue Centre is an added bonus. The quality and speedy arrival of our orders will have us using Parrot Rescue again and again in the future.

Rebecca Stevenson, NSW

Thank you very much for our latest delivery of parrot toys and food from the Parrot Rescue Centre. We have been ordering PRC toys, books and food for the past year and have always been totally satisfied with the high quality products - this time was no exception. Our one-year old Quaker parrot Jerry has had many hours of fun playing with all the great toys. As first-time parrot parents, my partner Steve and I have benefited greatly from the valuable information provided by the PRC either through their website, newsletters or even personal e-mails and wish to say a big Thank You for helping us improve our knowledge and bird-keeping skills.

Anca Grigoras Stroia, VIC

Just a quick note to thank you for the prompt arrival of the order of foot toys. Ordered one day and arrived the next, cant fault that, mind you we live on the coast. My Alexandrine Rowdy has been having a ball with his bucket full of foot toys. They turn up in the darndest placed because he walks around with them in his mouth. His latest trick is carrying the plastic dummy over to the dogs bowl, plonking it in the water then going scuba diving to pick it up again. Not sure what the dog thinks about his water being used as a bathtub??

The reason I ordered the toys through the parrot rescue site is obviously to support the rescue efforts, but also because I know what I buy for Rowdy will not contain toxic chemicals etc. Just a note for other parrot owners too, while the cage mounted wooden chew toys look pretty and do get destroyed, the foot toys encourage the bird to move around the cage more finding different ways to play and hide their toys, Rowdy seems to call more and chat to himself more when he has thee toys. They can be used interactively as well, we play trade, hell pick up a toy, I hold out my hand with a treat in the other hand, he passes me the toy and I pass him the treat, then he picks the toy back up out of my hand. Great way to build trust and make people time, play time.

Keep up the great work guys and girls, a world without these beautiful birds would not be much fun at all.

Fiona Ward and Rowdy, QLD

My Alexandrine absolutely loves the PRC toys and I don't think he'd ever forgive me if I stopped ordering him his favourite Nutriblend pellets. The foraging toys are just brilliant, and provide my parrot with hours of enjoyment just trying to bust in to get to his yummy treats.

He adores his foot toys, they give him something fun to chew on when he's sitting on the couch in the evening. Plus the remote control is now safe and thankfully no longer a target! :)

I've just ordered the 'Radar' for him and cannot wait to see how much enjoyment he gets out of it once it's hanging in his cage.

Thank you for all the wonderful products you supply, and keep up the amazing work you do!

Melissa Quinlan, VIC

Thanks Zarita, I received the toys today, they are fantastic. I will place a further order very soon :)

Michele Rast, SA

Thank you for the speedy service.

Tony Tavares, NSW

Thank you we look forward to the toy arriving. As usual swift service!

Sue Myall, WA

Just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you so much for the toys that were sent for my galah Betsy.

I rescued Betsy from dreadful conditions about 4 months ago, after she had been kept in a 44 gallon drum since falling out of her nest about 3-4 years ago. She had been just left to fend for herself and seed was thrown into the drum occasionally. I took her to my avian vet Sandy Hume who stated that she was in poor condition, depressed, a feather plucker, (you could see her tummy) and was badly in need of TLC, plus would be on longterm antibiotics. She also needed stimulation as she had nothing in the drum to entertain herself other than two wooden perches for her to cling to.

Needless to say she adores the metal bucket full of toys. She pulls all her toys out and then proceeds to play basketball with them by flipping them around in her beak so that they land in the bucket. She spends all day playing and tossing them in her cage and even lies on her back with the plastic dummy in her claws chewing on one end of it.

I can hardly wait to order some more toys and even bits and pieces so I can attempt to make some for her. I have also recommended that other friends of mine that own birds visit your site as well. Feel free to use this as a testimonial and when I can find my camera I will send you a picture of Betsy playing with her toys to add to it.

Eilita Bickley, ACT

Id just like to say a big thank you for the services you provide regarding the PRC Shop. I order all of my parrot toys and food from the PRC Shop, which is conveniently dropped at my front door about a week later.

Here in Perth I found the toys sold in the pet shops extremely expensive, and its just about impossible to find anywhere that sells the Tropican Pellets that my galahs thrive on. PRC prices are very competitive and the range toys is the largest Ive seen, I have so much trouble deciding which new toys to get for my birds each month!

My galahs love you for the Large Natural Chews I buy each month. When Peanut sees me coming with her daily ration of chewable foot toys, she gets so excited she fluffs up to the size of a soccer ball!

Best of all, I love the fact that the money made by the PRC Shop goes back to the birds in need that are in your care.

Keep up the good work!

Mandy Squire Lee, WA

I bought my eclectus parrot 'Mojito' around 2 years ago. When first setting up his cage I went to the pet stores to find toys for him, but the variety was extremely limited and I wasn't sure their toys were safe or suitable for a bird his size. I was recommended your website from the breeder I bought him from and haven't looked back since. There is SO much to choose from and it is a comfort knowing that they're all completely safe and made from bird-friendly materials. He particularly loves the natural toys or anything he can easily destroy - like his new piniata octopus which he's completely shredded in less that 48 hours! Haha! The service is always friendly and fast. Plus, it's particularly rewarding knowing you're supporting a business that is focused on education and rehabilitation of birds and is truly passionate about birds as much as I am about my Mojito. Thank you for everything PRC! :)

Rachael Bacon, QLD

Thank you :) Ive been shopping with you guys for a while now, the natural toys are great!!!!!

Christina Vijayaraj, NSW

I just wanted to say I think it is really great what you and your team do. It is fantastic

Elizabeth Piccolo, NSW

Thank you very much for your prompt response. My partner collected the parcel from the Post Office yesterday afternoon, so all is well :) Once again, thank you for your help.

Anca Grigoras Stroia, VIC

Thanks heaps for sending the goodies so quickly. We received them yesterday, but I didnt get a chance to mail you last night.

You will be very happy with us , we have taken the plunge into full-blown foraging. No more food in bowl or baffle cages. EVERYTHING is wrapped up in one way or form. Over the past month, we have managed to destroy the entire yellow pages from 2008 in our efforts. In the beginning, Rocky wasnt too keen to get into it, but that only lasted a day. Kato, is just obsessed with anything wrapped up in paper; even while you are preparing his food, hes into everything :)

Lesley Ireland, QLD

Received the order today and am extremely pleased with the products and service you have provided and will continue purchasing products in future. By the way thank you for the free bamboo toy you gave.

Leslie Clark, QLD

Thank you for always providing such wonderful customer service and may you have a wonderful new year and prosperous business.

Leslie Clark, QLD

Thanks so much for getting these out to me so quickly! And thank you for helping out all those parrots that are abandoned and surrendered. You are truly an angel. Have a fabulous start to 2011.

Morris Ruberto, VIC

I would like to congratulate the parrot rescue centre on the excellent range of parrot toys you have available. Having now tried an extensive range including natural pleasures, , large wreaths, stainless steel treat, carosels and hide and treat I will be placing an order for more in the near future and have no hesitation recommending your range to all parrot keepers.

Ian Abraham, QLD

I have been purchasing food, toys and accessories from the PRC for quite some time and have been nothing but impressed with the service and the quality of the products. Not only will you get quality, safe products for your feathered friend, but you'll be supporting a worthwhile cause at the same time.

Jodie Kuriata, VIC

It's been quite a few year that I've been dealing with PRC and I've always been thrilled with products, advice and the service from Zarita and the team. As a parrot breeder I make sure that I refer people to PRC for their toys. I know my lot from cockatoos through to budgies love the toys, the naturals being a huge hit with the 'too crowd here.

Mary Lomas, SA

I buy everything for my boys from you! Food, toys, treats. The service is speedy and accurate, and everthing always arrives in good quality. AND i get to support a wonderful, worthwhile cause....My Alex's and I thank you :o)

Erika Tempelhof Long, QLD

Simply the best and the only place I would purchase my babies toys and treats from.The service is nothing but the best and I get to help support such a wonderful cause at the same time. Thankyou from myself and growing family of FIDS :o)

Karina Jensen, QLD

We have received the parcel today. Thank you so much! Charlie our eclectus loves the toys, especially the Talk an Play and shredders! He's been quietly playing with his new toys for hours. Looks like we'll be shopping for another roll of shredders next month. Thanks again for express posting our order. We feel better going on our holiday now. :)

Salihan Laugesen, NSW

Absolutely loving the new online store set up! Much easier to order on my phone now! Well done and thank you for a wonderful service :)

Charmaine Hoogwerf, VIC

Thank you Zarita for all your help. The parcel has arrived and my daughter is thrilled with the harnesses.

Nicole Symons, SA

MY FEATHERED FRIENDS.....ARE VERY HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Tsoubarakis, SA

Thanks! Order received this morning and I now have a very happy Macaw with his brazil nuts.

Lesa Harris, QLD

The new bag arrived today and was in perfect condition, thank-you for sending it.

I also wanted to thank-you for the wonderful customer service. I have found over the years that many stores are wonderfully attentive until it comes to possibly taking a minor profit loss. Which is sad because for me and quite a few of the people I know customer service often decides where they shop as opposed to price and such. My local optometrist completes with the larger chain stores not by competing in price but by offering a stellar quality of service and frankly I've never considered shopping elsewhere.

I won't make this any longer because I can guess how little time you probably have in your day, I just wanted to send a positive email, since having worked in retail I know how often the negative can come.

So thank-you... for great customer service, fantastic postage times and quality items, I cannot count the number of times I have recommended your shop to friends and online avian groups.

Sarah Jones, QLD

Hi Zarita - great news! Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service - DJ absolutely loves the Vege Supreme and we will be putting in an order for several 1kg packs soon - along with some other treats. Once again - many thanks. Roz

Rosyln Green, NSW - April 2011

No problem Zarita. I wish I had found you guys earlier! I have a conure who will eat almost anything, but unfortunately I dont have enough time to prepare these types of things for her from scratch. If she likes what I've brought I will definitely become a regular customer, and its great to know that its helping such a worthwhile cause. Keep up the good work!

Anna Crump, SA - April 2011

Received the boys toys today. Thankyou so much for your fast postage. I stumbled across your site only recently and have been so impressed by the work you do on a bird community level and on a business level. Thankyou so much for everything you do.

Chicken, Pepper and Bubbles, NT - April 2011

Thought I would give you some feedback on one of your products that seems to be such a hit with D.J - our 18 month sulphur crested cockatoo. D.J is thoroughly spoilt for choice when it comes to food, including a delicious cooked breakfast every morning. However, the meal that always stands out from the crowd is the Vege Supreme. She is very excited every time it is served and quickly woofs the vege mix down. People who meet DJ are amazed at how healthy and happy she looks, and part of her well being comes from having a healthy diet - which Vege Supreme plays a big part.

Whilst I am aware that it is only one bird's taste in food, if people are feeling frustrated at picky, finicky eaters, recommend to them the Vege Supreme.

By the way, the woody woodpecker toy is quickly being demolished!

Once again, I'd like to thank you for ensuring the 1kg Vege Supreme is in stock - you have a definite fan of its yummy contents.

Roz Green, NSW - May 2011

Just wanted to say Thank You for my parcel, I received it yesterday! It was like christmas! lol! Thanks for your fantastic service and great products!

Ann-Maree Bonanno, NSW - June 2011

By the way, the toys I've been getting for Bazyl my Long Billed Corella have been great. She has taken to them really well and we have a ball interacting together with them. I'm looking forward to trying out our latest lot I received today. Thank you!

Julie Gray, QLD - June 2011

Hello, our order arrived today, and it is all great stuff! So glad I found your store online, Cheers! ..Clare

Clare Bassotti, QLD - June 2011

I love visiting your site, I have a sun conure and find myself looking forward to your monthly newsletter. Keep up the excellent work!

Lis Bowes, VIC - May 2011

Wow, thanks for your prompt service, much appreciated!

Rosemary Macdonald, QLD - June 2011

I got my parcel from the Rescue centre shop! thanks for the quick postage. I know Gary is just gonna lurrrrve all of this, Will post picks of him enjoying :) thanks guys keep up the good work!

Jodie Muston, QLD - July 2011

Just received our parcel, thanks so much!!! Indie was so excited he was talking his little head off while I showed him things. Thanks so much for the advice as well, he is loving the Tropican pellets, he had a taste straight out of my hand! Such a good easy baby! Thanks again, Claude and Indie :-)

Claude & Indie, WA - July 2011

Hi There, Just wanted to say Thanks for my order.. Quick delivery too.. My Skyla has already learnt "up" after 3 20min sessions! Clicker Training is Awesome N she thinks so too =D Can not wait to get my next order..

Amanda Louise, NSW- July 2011

Just received some toys and swings I brought for my new eclectus birds. Came so quickly I was in shock and they are just awesome. Thanks and I look forward to spending all my money at your awesome store! You guys rock

Jayne Kerr, NSW - August 2011

Hi, I just wanted to say a quick thank-you for my order & very happy with the extremely fast delivery. Cant wait to get my 2 Indian Ringnecks started on their clicker training! :-)

Ashley Jessen, QLD - August 2011

Just wanted to say thank you for my latest box of goodies. Your service is second to none, I am very impressed! And thank you for the foot toys - Indy has already destroyed one :-)

Debbie Howell, VIC - August 2011

We received our order today and thank you so much for such excellent service, And our Meeka is just loving her new toy, We will definitely be regular customers and happy to refer business.

Tracy Cooke, QLD - August 2011

I am so excited, my order has just arrived. Thank you for getting it to me so quickly, very impressed. Im sure Aurora (my Lorikeet) will love the items.

Belinda-Leigh Barnes, NSW - September 2011

I buy all my food and most of my toys from PRC. The service is always excellent and prompt and I like to support such a good cause.

Janette Hartley, NSW - September 2011

This is Lola, my new baby Sun Conure. She LOVES the toys I bought from the guys and girls @ PRC, this is her favourite (Charlies Treats), she buries her face in it and chews at it like crazy! I have bought many things from PRC including foot toys, a training stand, foods and a boing, and I couldnt be happier, thankyou!!! :) Everything is fantastic quality. I will definitely be back again and would recommend PRC to anyone looking for bird products! PS: She also LOVES the free bamboo shredders you sent us - she chewed them up in about 5 minutes! :)

Rebecca Adams, VIC- October 2011

Wow - I've already received my order. Loved everything! Thank you very much :) I am really impressed by the quality of the toys, the price compared to whats available at pet shops and how fast the delivery was. I'll definitely be recommending your site to family and friends with feathered fiends. And - the proceeds go to such a good cause. Win all 'round!

Karin Cerasani, ACT - November 2011

Just wanted to let you know Harley & Roxie received their presents today and were absolutely thrilled. I was really impressed with how fast the goods got to me as I have ordered parrot toys on line through other companies before and waited up to 10 for goods to arrive. Anyway, I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything and I really look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Dalya Shaw, QLD- December 2011

Just wanted to feedback that I am very very happy with my order and the service I received. Great job and I will certainly be a frequent return customer. Have a great Christmas

Karen Rivers, SA - December 2011

Thank you for the quick postage. EJ will be thrilled to get these for Christmas. Thank you very much and have a lovely Christmas.

Lauren Klose, NSW - Decemeber 2011

Thank you. Nice prompt service. Received bright and early today. I found an intriguing thank-you-for-your-support-smilie note wrapped around a blue and creme colour woven hollow staff about 10 cm in length I am intrigued. Does it have any functional purpose? Is it a safe toy for the parrot?

Edward Rex, QLD - January 2012

Hi Guys, Oscar and I would just like to thank you for his AWESOME Christmas presents! He only got to open them yesterday, as we had lost the key for the post box, and now he doesn't want to leave his cage because it is too exciting in there with his talking mobile phone! =) He is absolutely in LOVE with it! (Although it may be driving the rest of my family insane). Lol. Also thank you for the cute little foot toy - it was the only one he was game to play with yesterday! =) We will deffinitely be shopping with you guys again soon, when Oscar-rat-bad wears the poor phone out! =) Hope you had a fantastic Christmas, and have a Happy New Year!

Angela Davey, NT - January 2012

Order arrived today, very pleased with speed of delivery and service. Birds are happily munching away on their new toys (although i think they always enjoy the labels more than the toys). Thankyou.

Amber Chen, NSW - January 2012

Goods arrived on Tuesday. Thanks again for a swift order. The kids are making happy noises.

Chris Wesner, QLD - February 2012

Thank you so much for the toys, they look wonderful and I am sure my baby will love them when he arrives soon.

Joye Hebberd, WA - February 2012

Thank you for my order... I got it today... My green cheek loves the toys especially the bamboo chews... He's managed to destroy half of one tonight... Thanks a lot!

Christie Gunter, NSW - March 2012

The Shredder Ball Large foraging toy purchased from PRC has been the best investment ever. I have heaps of other foraging toys, but this one holds my interest. It is often filled with the left overs from other PRC toys - like gum nuts, wood, leathers, little foot toys. I am endlessly amused foraging inside each of the draws and dropping the contents on the grill. It is a permanent feature of my bedroom (cage) - Often in the wee hours I am busily pulling draws in and out, then CLANG. Please let my other feathered friends know about this extremely worthwhile toy for large birdies. Hugs and scratches to all who live and work at PRC

D.J Green, NSW - March 2012

Thank you very much for such fast delivery.Very happy with my purchase. Will be shopping with you in the future.Thank you.

Omaira Gascon, QLD - March 2012

We just wanted to send a quick note to say that we received our parcel of goodies from you yesterday and they are great!. Especially love the PRC made toy's, the Mcfeast spiral is unreal. It is a credit to you all what you do there and we will always be supporters and encourage others to do the same. Thank you again

Dan & Sarah Bouwmeester, TAS - March 2012

Here are my two conures Lola (sunny) and Mimi (nanday) enjoying their parrot rescue centre-packed cage. We just got our package full of new toys and perches today and couldn't be happier. Keep up the fantastic work guys!

Rebecca Adams, VIC- April 2012

Wow....... my parcel arrived early this morning ..........I wasnt expecting it until after Easter. Thank you for the surprise..........Rocky the Alexandrine scored that I will be putting in another order shortly after Easter and will recommend your shop to all my friends with birds. Just a question about the foraging ball.............does it unscrew? Wishing you and your staff a wonderful Easter from my beautiful feathered friends ......thanks once again for your prompt delivery. Sheryl.

Sheryl Dorrington, NSW - April 2012

Hi! Received my first order in just over 24 hours from placement. What efficient customer service! & our budgie is already very pleased with his 'buddy' to keep him warm this winter. Thought you'd like the positive feedback. With thanks.....some happy customers.

Sonya Stummer, NSW - April 2012

I have just received the second batch of toys and parts and my baby parrot loves them and I know they are bird friendly products and clean. Thank you for providing just a great service in your shop, I will certainly be ordering more for the buzz saw.

Joye Hebberd, WA- May 2012

Order received 4th May safe and sound - thank-you for the gift, will look forward to ordering from you in the future.

Shelley Lane, NSW - May 2012

Thank you so much for my aviator harness, my 17 week old baby ecckie Harmony was able to come to school with me today, and she enjoyed getting out of the house :)

Sharon Collett-McQuillan, WA - June 2012

The perches arrived yesterday and my galah is enjoying shredding the macaw sized ones as she ate the galah size ones. The gumnuts I ordered however are another story, she looked horrified as though I had put a monster in her cage and she spent the next hour throwing them out and shouting at them. Very funny it was to watch as well, nothing can match her beloved toy bucket and leather toys.

Sam Rose, NSW - June 2012

Received my order this morning and upon opening up the package found a little thank you gift. Cheeky (Indian Ringneck) loves all his toys as he has spend over two hours playing with all of them. Tomorrow he will get to try out his new shower perch.

Peter Streeting, QLD - June 2012

Got another pack of goodies for the birds from the PRC :) Jasper my eclectus LOVES his little foot toy of little dice in a plastic cube... and his foraging ball which I filled with big beads to make it rattle and shredded paper and nuts : )he loves pushing it around on the floor.. He also loves his new birdie bangles which he seems to like throwing up in the air over his head then chasing after it hehehe

Jessica Mory, NSW - July 2012

Just a quick email to let you know that my order arrived today, and I have one very excited Eclectus who loved opening the package with me. Jackson particularly loves the large ball and has not stopped rolling it around, and he has just started getting into the bucket. Many thanks for your prompt delivery, and for the bamboo stick which he has already enjoyed chewing!

Liz Schroeter, VIC - July 2012

Thank you.........quick service again........wonderful. Sheryl.

Sheryl Dorrington, NSW - July 2012

I received my orders! All great! Cocky loves his Acrobird tower. Awesome!

Thanks for the assistance. Ill be placing more orders this week.

Edsel Remedio, NT - August 2012

Amazing service PRC thankyou! My order was only dispatched yesterday and I have it delivered in Mackay, today. My Quaker, cockatiels, and budgies are going mad over their new food mixes. Thanks so much for the awesome service - as always

Sherry-Lee Spencer, QLD - August 2012