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    Po Box 797
    Mudgeeraba QLD, 4213

  • SHOP orders can only be purchased online (we are not open for local pickups)

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    07 5569 2840

    Message service only.

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    Services Available Australia Wide

    We are not open for general public viewing of birds. Visits are only available through our Virtual Adoption program, see Adoption menu option above. 


  1. REHOMING - Do you need help with Rehoming a bird, please find more information on our Rehoming page Click here. During our CLOSED periods please contact the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League or see stage 5 on our rehoming page for other options. 
  2. ADOPTION - Are you wanting to ADOPT a bird from us, please find more information on how to adopt, birds available and the application form by Clicking here
  3. LOST & FOUND- Have you lost your bird or found one? Here are a few links & suggestions we recommend you check:
  1. PARROT BEHAVIOUR - Is your bird biting, screaming or feather picking, please see our FAQ page in the footer of the website for Parrot Behaviour & Training FAQ's, Parrot Behavoiur books available through the PRC SHOP, Educational Articles or Parrot Behaviour Consultant directory in our Resources section of the website.  Click here
  2. AVIAN VET - Do you require contact details for an Avian Vet near you Click here
  3. DONATION - You can Sponsor a PRC bird or sponsor our Rescue/Foster birds etc. Sponsorships are a way that you can give to the PRC to help continue our work. You will receive a Sponsorship Kit in return. We are not a registered charity, so sponsorships are not a donation and not tax deductable. To find out more Click here
  4. HOW YOU CAN HELP THE PRC - Do you want to find out ways you can help the PRC, please Click here

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