Virtual Adoption & Sponsorship


What is Virtual Adoption/Sponsorship?

You choose a bird that currently permanently lives at the PRC. The bird stays living at the PRC and your financial contribution helps with their ongoing care at the PRC.

You do not have any ownership rights; this is only a one off sponsorship or yearly virtual adoption that allows you to take part in looking after a bird that is currently at the PRC due to Rehabilitation.

This is a good option if you cannot look after a bird in your home. 

Why we need your support?

The Parrot Rescue Centre is solely run by the PRC Shop, Boarding, Adoptions and Sponsorships. We are not a registered charity, so we do not take monetary donations and we do not receive any financial assistance from the government. 

Because we do not take monetary donations we have setup this Sponsorship/Virtual Adoption program that allows you to give money to support us and in return you will receive a Sponsorship package.

There is a lot of time, resources, effort and expense taken to manage behaviour issues and permanent sanctuary parrots, therefore only a limited amount are able to come in at one time.

With your help, through Virtual Adoption or Sponsoring a parrot, we are able to provide what is needed to take in more parrots and move parrots through rehab more effectively and efficiently.

Please sponsor one of our lovely rehabilitation birds, so then we can provide more homes for unwanted, neglected and abused parrots.

What is involved in the Virtual Adoption/Sponsorship process?

The Parrot Rescue Centre feel strongly about education, as this is a vital part of our mission. We are reaching out to our community in an effort to inform the future generations of the problems caused by the impulsive purchase of parrots. We hope that by offering a virtual adoption/sponsorship program that many will be able to participate in the care of unwanted, neglected or abused parrots.

Virtual adoptions are available to individuals as well as to groups. Schools, clubs, sporting groups and individuals may virtually adopt/sponsor a parrot from our current population. We are unable to have large groups come to the PRC, so a group representative and their teacher etc will have to be allocated to come for the visit.

We provide two options, either SPONSORSHIP or VIRTUAL ADOPTION, please read details below for more information on what each one includes. Once you fill out our form and make payment, please allow up to 5 business days (Monday to Friday) for us to email your sponsorship kit.   

Option 1


Includes emailed copy of the following:

  • Certificate of Appreciation, which includes a photograph of your bird, birds name/species and your name.
  • Photograph of your adopted bird & a short Biography.
  • Sponsorship rate: One off payment of $20 or whatever value you would like to give above that. 
  • Sponsorship is 100% online, so you will receive the above via email only.

Option 2


Includes emailed copy of the following:

  • Certificate of Appreciation, which includes a photograph of your bird, birds name/species and your name.
  • Photograph of your adopted bird.
  • A full Biography of your adopted bird.
  • Two guest passes to Visit the PRC. You and a friend are welcomed to a visit of your sponsored Parrot. You will be shown the sanctuary and be able to see & interact with some of the parrots in our care, find out about parrot life at the sanctuary, and most  importantly visit your sponsored parrot and see first hand the progress we are making because of your help. (Maximum of 2 people per visit) 
  • You can email us to receive information concerning your bird's health, diet and life here at The Parrot Rescue Centre.
  • You are welcome to send special bird-safe toys or treats specifically for your bird.
  • The Virtual Adoption term is one year.
  • Virtual Adoption rate: One off payment of $500
  • Virtual Adoption paperwork is only available online, so documents will be emailed only.

Note: Due to rehabilitation of birds that have been through extensive ordeals in their previous homes we only allow a short viewing with some of these sponsored birds. This is done for the best interests of the birds that are being rehabilitated and need only one on one visitation with their PRC carer. The PRC goes through an extensive rehabilitation process and visitations by strangers can totally bring our carers back to square one, especially when the birds have such a bad history of abuse in the past.


How do I Virtual Adopt or Sponsor a PRC bird? 


STEP 1 – Select the bird you would like to Virtual Adopt or Sponsor 


STEP 2 – Complete the Virtual Adoption Form


STEP 3 – Payment


Once you fill out our form and make payment, please allow up to 5 business days (Monday to Friday) for us to email your sponsorship kit.