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How You Can Help

The Parrot Rescue Centre spends a lot of time and resources in helping pet birds in need. We require your help so that we can continue our work and help more birds.


Some of the services we provide include:


How can you help us continue our services:

There are several ways you can help us continue our work, please see the list below on options available and click on highlighted areas to find out more. 

  • Volunteer Your Time By: 

    • Fostering Birds that require temporary care

    • Transporting Birds and Urgent collection of birds 

    • Help with the processing of Adoption Applications (you must have a good amount of experience/knowledge on parrot behaviour, diet, enrichment & training of parrots) 

    • Qualified Parrot Behavior consultants to help with behavior issues that arise in birds who have been adopted through us.  

    • Onsite volunteering is currently not available. 

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