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Please read all information provided on our Rehoming Home page thoroughly before applying for rehoming. 

If you have a FOUND bird, please go to our Contact us page and read Lost & Found info under Top 7 Questions. 

This Rehoming service is run Part Time. Emails and application forms will be checked and processed between 1pm to 3pm Tuesday to Thursday only. Closed Public Holidays and during other times. There may be delays in reply of up to 3 of the above business days.


Applicant Information

  • Please double check your email address is correct

Bird Information

Acquisition Information


Enrichment and Environment

  • (Eg Towel, broom, phone etc)

    (eg bell, hanging toys, natural toys etc)

  • (Hose, spray bottle etc)

Health and Behaviour

    REQUIREMENT: A health check by an Avian Vet is a requirement, so if you have not had your bird health checked within the last two years, you will need to organise this prior to us proceeding with rehoming your bird.

Picture of your Bird

  • Ensure the photo you send is a CLEAR photo of your bird/s (blurry photos are not accepted)
    We also prefer photos of your bird/s out of their cage or without wire/cage bars in the photo.
    If you are rehoming a pair of birds, please provide a photo of your birds together.

Processing Fee

    Rehoming fee is $80 ($30 processing & $50 Rehoming)
    Initial non-refundable payment of $30 will be charged to process your application.
    Remaining $50 can be paid once your bird is rehomed.

    Please ensure you have read all the stages of rehoming on the Rehoming page.

    This service is run Part-Time, emails & application forms are checked and processed between 1pm to 3pm Tuesday to Thursday only. The PRC Rehoming/Adoption service is closed during other times.

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