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Get Your Bird Back DVD Review

Barbara Heidenreich has released her forth and latest DVD for Parrot owners, Get Your Bird Back! What to do when a parrot is lost. She is joined with Robin Shewokis, who owns The Leather Elves, which creates enrichment toys for parrots, and both regularly host a parrot radio show in America. Both Barbara and Robin have consulted in zoos throughout America and are members of the International Association of Avian Trainers.

There can be nothing worse than losing your bird, and seeing it fly off into the wide open spaces outdoors. It can only take a simple mistake of a door or window left open, a sudden loud noise of something that startles your bird and in a split second, your bird may be gone.

This DVD really tells you everything you need to know and is something you really should buy and listen to, before you ever need to hear its helpful hints.

When I ordered this DVD I really thought that I knew all I needed to know and would know exactly what to do if my birds escaped, but what this DVD taught me was just how unprepared I really was.

This DVD really sets you up for success and arms you with a so many ideas and things to do now, ahead of time, just in case you ever lose your bird. By following the advice given, you can create a lost bird kit, so if your bird ever escapes, you are already on the ball with all the information and resources that you need to start looking for your bird.

If you can imagine how you would feel at the moment your bird sales off into the clear blue sky.your mind would be racing, you would be panic stricken and be finding it really hard to concentrate and think rationally. What this DVD does is help you get prepared ahead of time, and hopefully you will never have to use it, but should you lose your bird, you will already have To Dolists, contact numbers and resources already made up, even lost bird posters prepared, which you can do with a template supplied on the second DVD supplied. It tells you about making recordings of your bird making noises and talking, so you can use these when you are searching for your bird. There is even a list of prerecorded parrot calls in a huge variety of parrots, which you can down load and use to help call for your bird.

I was delightfully surprised at just much I learnt from this DVD and think this would be a really useful and definitely needed gift which will delight every parrot owner.

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