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Shop Testimonials

I've been getting toys, food and accessories from the PRC shop for almost a year now, and remain very impressed with the exceptional (and speedy) service and communication I receive from Zarita. Everything I have ordered has arrived in A1 condition and has been exactly as described / pictured on the site. I have no hesitation in recommending the PRC shop to any parrot parent. I also really like supporting PRC's work rescuing and rehabilitating parrots by shopping with them rather than at a pet store. Congratulations to Zarita and her team for a wonderful shop and for the wonderful work you all do for parrots. (from Alexis - for Billy & Cricket - the Sulpher Crested pair)

I "renamed" Jinny as Cricket because its one of the few words she repeats frequently and she seemed to respond to it...Was very excited as two days ago she started playing with (well destroying) some of those paper bangles you sell - first time she has shown any interest in toys. YAY!

Alexis Mulhearn, NSW


Received the order today and as always the service and products are great. I have two Eclectus parrots at home waiting to play with their new toys. I never have any problems with your products or service everthing is always two thumbs up. I have recommended your website to most of my friends and i know that they also buy products from you because they see how much fun my two birds have. I will post a picture when I get home.

Talia Graf, QLD

My husband and I have been purchasing Parrot Rescue toys, nuts and pellets for almost a year now. We have always been very happy with the quality and knowledge of purchasing such items are specially designed for birds and hence safe. The added thought that we are helping such a fine organisation as Parrot Rescue Centre is an added bonus. The quality and speedy arrival of our orders will have us using Parrot Rescue again and again in the future.

Rebecca Stevenson, NSW

Thank you very much for our latest delivery of parrot toys and food from the Parrot Rescue Centre. We have been ordering PRC toys, books and food for the past year and have always been totally satisfied with the high quality products - this time was no exception. Our one-year old Quaker parrot Jerry has had many hours of fun playing with all the great toys. As first-time parrot parents, my partner Steve and I have benefited greatly from the valuable information provided by the PRC either through their website, newsletters or even personal e-mails and wish to say a big Thank You for helping us improve our knowledge and bird-keeping skills.

Anca Grigoras Stroia, VIC

Just a quick note to thank you for the prompt arrival of the order of foot toys. Ordered one day and arrived the next, cant fault that, mind you we live on the coast. My Alexandrine Rowdy has been having a ball with his bucket full of foot toys. They turn up in the darndest placed because he walks around with them in his mouth. His latest trick is carrying the plastic dummy over to the dogs bowl, plonking it in the water then going scuba diving to pick it up again. Not sure what the dog thinks about his water being used as a bathtub??

The reason I ordered the toys through the parrot rescue site is obviously to support the rescue efforts, but also because I know what I buy for Rowdy will not contain toxic chemicals etc. Just a note for other parrot owners too, while the cage mounted wooden chew toys look pretty and do get destroyed, the foot toys encourage the bird to move around the cage more finding different ways to play and hide their toys, Rowdy seems to call more and chat to himself more when he has thee toys. They can be used interactively as well, we play trade, hell pick up a toy, I hold out my hand with a treat in the other hand, he passes me the toy and I pass him the treat, then he picks the toy back up out of my hand. Great way to build trust and make people time, play time.

Keep up the great work guys and girls, a world without these beautiful birds would not be much fun at all.

Fiona Ward and Rowdy, QLD

My Alexandrine absolutely loves the PRC toys and I don't think he'd ever forgive me if I stopped ordering him his favourite Nutriblend pellets. The foraging toys are just brilliant, and provide my parrot with hours of enjoyment just trying to bust in to get to his yummy treats.

He adores his foot toys, they give him something fun to chew on when he's sitting on the couch in the evening. Plus the remote control is now safe and thankfully no longer a target! :)

I've just ordered the 'Radar' for him and cannot wait to see how much enjoyment he gets out of it once it's hanging in his cage.

Thank you for all the wonderful products you supply, and keep up the amazing work you do!

Melissa Quinlan, VIC

Thank you for the speedy service.

Tony Tavares, NSW

Thanks Zarita, I received the toys today, they are fantastic. I will place a further order very soon :)

Michele Rast, SA

Thank you we look forward to the toy arriving. As usual swift service!

Sue Myall, WA

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