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Charlie Cockatoo

Birds Available for Adoption:

Name: Charlie

Species: Sulphur Crested Cockatoo 

Sex: Male

Age: Adult

Location: Sydney Region, NSW


Interstate adoption allowed: NO - adoption is within Sydney and surrounding areas only.


Adoption Fee: $200

Comes with cage: No


General info: 

  • Charlie was placed in current home in 2019 via Parrot Rescue Centre, so age and full history is unknown.

  • Charlie speaks a few words ; "Hello", "Hello baby ", "papa", "what the f***" (whispers under breath), and also makes chicken noises and coughs.

  • Charlie is generally quiet during the day but will let you know when it's time for breakfast, dinner, and bedtime.

  • Charlie can be very affectionate if he trusts you and will love to have cuddles, pats, and kisses but does let you know if he is not happy!

  • Charlie loves to be centre of attention and be around as many people as possible. Making new friends is his favourite thing and this means he will definitely plot an escape to visit people so a secure house is a must. 

  • Charlie has shown great recall with his selected humans and loves to sit on your shoulder to chat, give kisses, or steal food/drinks.

  • Charlie has been in an outdoor aviary for 3 years but he prefers to be covered at night to sleep so he needs options- this is essential.

  • Charlie loves chewing on boxes, wood etc. He also enjoys playing with metal (nuts/bolts/utensils).

  • Charlie has not been housed with other birds but his previous foster carer did have him with other SCC with no issues. 


Message from current family:

Through no fault of his own Charlie is regrettably needing to be rehomed. He is a very sweet bird with a big personality and will definitely do best in a home that has knowledge and understanding of SCC behaviour. 

Charlie is very sociable and enjoys being out of the cage to explore and to be around people. It is recommended a relationship is established before allowing free time outside as he may try to find new friends away from home. 

I do think Charlie would benefit from being with other birds to learn to be a bit more bird than human and this may curb his escaping. 

Charlie loves to dig in the ground so he would need a safe space for this or have an aviary sitting directly on the ground. 



Please CLICK HERE to find out more about our adoption process and to apply to adopt 

If you have already previously applied for adoption within the last year or have any questions, please send an email with your interest/questions to

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