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Casper & Wendy

Birds Available for Adoption:

Name: Casper and Wendy

Species: Sulphur Crested Cockatoos

Sex: Male and Female

Age: Adult

Location: Sydney Region, NSW

Interstate Adoption Allowed: NO - within driving distance from Sydney only

Adoption Fee: $300 for pair

Comes with cage: No

General Info from foster carer:

  • Casper and Wendy are very tame easily handled cockatoos, they love scratches and cuddles, and will step up

  • Neither is aggressive or domineering

  • They are not loud with screeching, but do call out to say hello when they see you

  • They have a playful and calm nature, and are great cage mates

  • They  like  to shred and chew natural foliage, bottle brush, banksia pods, and gumnuts

  • Neither bird is nippy nor attention-seeking

  • Swings are a favourite toy, cardboard box with pine cones and banksia pods for shredding is a close second

  • They really are beautiful companion birds  a joy to have around

  • These birds are to be kept as companion pets, not for breeding. 



Please CLICK HERE to find out more about our adoption process and to apply to adopt 

If you have already previously applied for adoption within the last year or have any questions, please send an email with your interest/questions to

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