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The PRC Adoption Service is currently CLOSED till the 7th May 2019

All Adoption Forms received during our closed period will be processed the week of the 7th May 2019


Please read the Pre Adoption Considerations before applying (see menu bar on left)

Important Note's:

To start the adoption process we will require photos to be submitted with your form showing your current bird’s cage, play areas or aviary setup.

If you do not currently have a bird please send us photos of where in your home you will have your new bird/s cage/aviary/play gym setup. 

We DO NOT process your form until we receive your photos. More details are provided on the form below.

Once photos are received the adoption process can take up to 5 working days to complete. This service is run Part-Time, emails and forms are checked and processed between 1pm to 3pm Tuesday to Friday only. The PRC Rehoming/Adoption service is closed during other times.

Contact Information

  • Adoption is only available within Australia

  • Please double check your email address is correct

Pre-Adoption Questions

  • Must be over 18

    If you do not currently have a bird please send us photos of where in your home you will have your new birds cage/aviary/play gym setup.

    Send photos to adoption@parrotrescuecentre.com

    When you email your photos please reduce the image sizes to below 300KB. Most photos you take will be in MB size and these photo sizes are very large, so we appreciate your help by reducing the photo sizes for us.

    Your Application will be carefully reviewed once we receive your photos and a PRC Representative will be in contact with you within 5 working days (1pm to 3pm Tuesday to Thursday only) once these photos have been received. Please note that during some busy periods the time frame maybe longer.

    This service is run part-time and by volunteers, so we appreciate your patience.

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