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Hol-ee Bowler


Spoil your bird with fantastic toys that stimulate and encourage your bird's natural curiosity and cleverness.

This toy rewards your parrot's diligence with their favourite treats.

Fill it with nuts in shell, your parrots favourite fruit and vegetables, toy parts, shredders etc.

Great as a foot toy or can be hung from the top of their cage with a strip of leather. 

Made of 100% certified non-toxic natural soft rubber.

Comes in varied colours, red, blue, black and orange. 

Available in Mini & Small 

Mini - Suitable for XSmall to Small Birds, Cockatiels, Quakers, Conures etc.

Small - Suitable for Medium birds, Galahs, Eclectus, Amazons etc.

See size measurements below under Additional information. 

Please note this toy is made from soft rubber, so if your bird is destructive they may destroy the toy quickly. 


Mini size normally $8.95, now only $7.60

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Product Number: 1724

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Additional Information

Bird Size XSmall, Small, Medium
Bird Species Lovebirds, Budgies, Plum-Headed Parakeet , Cockatiels, Ringnecks, Lorikeets, Quakers, Conures, Hahns Macaw, Caiques, Rosellas, Alexandrines, Galahs, Eclectus, Amazons, African Greys, Shortbill Corellas, Major Mitchell, Medium Macaws
Size Mini - 5cm dia (2')
Small - 8cm dia (3")
Brand JW Pet Company

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