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Bird Available for Adoption:

Name: Rosie

Species: Galah

Sex: Female

Age: Adult

Location: Sydney Region, NSW

Interstate Adoption Allowed: NO - adoption is within Sydney and surrounding areas only.

Adoption Fee: $100

Comes with cage: No

General Info from foster carer:

  • Rosie is a super friendly galah, who enjoys spending time with people, she seems to particularly like men

  • Rosie will step up, likes scratches, and speaks budgie more than galah

  • She is good with other birds, though does not seek them out

  • Rosie has a slightly unresponsive slow foot,  she can open and close it, can grip a perch, but it is slow to respond.  This does not hold her back, she can walk and climb

  • Like most birds if she does not want to cooperate, she can be stubborn and perhaps give a bite to assert herself

  • She loves watching out the window at the world passing by

  • She has a calm gentle nature and is very loving

  • Rosie would ideally be joining another galah or similar sized parrot in her home



Please CLICK HERE to find out more about our adoption process and to apply to adopt 

If you have already previously applied for adoption within the last year or have any questions, please send an email with your interest/questions to

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