After-hours and emergency service available: Please phone (07) 5533 0381
Peter & Client
Our veterinary surgery aims to treat the "whole" bird, not just the presented symptoms.
Most of the common physical problems in birds result from nutritional deficiencies and the frequently presented behavioural problems are a result of owners not understanding the bird's psychological needs.
We offer a one-hour, extended consultation that includes details on:
  • Diet
  • Cage-scaping
  • Behaviour Management
  • Training strategies
The emphasis of the extended consultation is to optimize the bird's physical and mental health.

Our aim is to educated clients about the physiological and psychological needs of their pet.

An understanding of bird behaviour and nutrition creates the basis for a more rewarding relationship between the pet owner and their bird.
To organise and extended consultation, please contact us for an appointment!
• Avian health checks
• Diet and Enrichment advice
• Avian behavioural consultations
• Avian medicine and surgery
• DNA blood sexing, including Beak and Feather (PBFD), Polyoma and Chlamydia tests from feather and blood samples
• Reptile husbandry, medicine and surgery.
• House calls and aviary visits
Visits are by appointment only
Phone: (07) 5533 0381
Facsimile: (07) 5533 0382
Our Bird and Reptile Surgery is located at
"Piedmont" 1596 Currumbin Creek Road
Currumbin Valley, QLD 4223
(4klms past Rock pools)
Consultation Hours
Monday to Friday:
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
10:00 am - 1:00 pm