Name: Merran Douglas  
City: Canberra
Postcode: 2604
State: ACT
Office Phone: 02 62581582 ( answering machine )
Mobile Phone: 0414561980
Canberra Companion Parrot Boarding Service

Hello to all you parrot lovers out there. Since I was a young child my love for all creatures great & small have been enjoyed in many ways. I have grown up with domestic pets ranging from dogs, cats, wildlife rehabilation and voluntary work with a few animal welfare organizations, vet practises & zoo. Horse ownership following equine pursuits where a passion for a good many years in my early 20's/30's, seeing me retire from riding in my mid 30's. The past 10 years have been taken up with Companion Parrot keeping, gaining knowledge and experience through education, the internet, books, vet advice and my own HR'd feathered flock.

In my younger days I lived, was educated and travelled extensively overseas due to my father's work. My husband and I now share our home with a very spoilt dog ( I like to call him my four legged child ), a HR'd Sulphur Crested Cockatoo called "Murphy", two male Alexandrine "Jazz" & "Sherman" and until recently a male Eclectus "Paddy Boy". I must not forget to mention the cockatiels, such wonderful little friends with fantastic mimickry.

I was very much taken with the "Parrot Rescue Centre" in Qld, the dedication of the couple who take in abused, neglected and surrendered parrot breeds, offering rehabilation, in some cases rehoming or a forever sanctuary lifestyle. I have organized two Companion Parrot Workshops in the ACT with the proceeds going to the Parrot Centre to assist with the ongoing costs. I can now offer a Companion Parrot Boarding Service where your parrot will be well looked after with a good breed specific diet, fruit & veg and nuts, own safe portable aviary/home with daily out of cage time, playtime with foot toys, mood chews for busy beaks, enrichment, human interaction, mist shower for plummage preening, hygienic cages. Leave your treasured bird with me and enjoy your holiday.

Name: Comfort Cattery’ within Inner South Veterinary Centre    

47 Jerrabomberra Ave

City: Narrabundah  
Postcode: 2604  
State: ACT  
Phone: 02 6295 0770  

The Comfort Cattery within the Inner South Veterinary Centre has a dedicated Bird and Exotics boarding room. We understand the special needs and requirements of our avian guests. Birds are housed in a room designed especially for them! This means no exposure to cats, ferrets or other animals that would cause them alarm. This significantly lowers the stress of being in a new environment.

The birds are cared for by a team of veterinary nurses and kennel hands that attend to their every need. They are under the supervision of the veterinarians of Inner South Veterinary Centre.


Bringing your birds in their own cage ensures that they are comfortable and in a familiar setting. The cages are cleaned daily to ensure a high level of cleanliness. The bird room is vacuumed and mopped daily to ensure infection control. If you do not have a suitable cage, we do have a number of cages that can be used.


Correct diet is vitally important in maintaining the health of your bird. Most pet bird diseases are related to poor nutrition. We recommend and provide Harrison’s® bird food, which is an organic, proven, complete diet that yields the best long-term health results of any documented or homemade diet. The birds and exotic pets are offered fresh vegetables and fruit every day, and every effort is made to accommodate their special dietary requirements.

A change in diet can stress birds and predispose them to disease. If your bird is used to a particular mix of food please provide this while they are in boarding. If you would like your bird’s diet assessed while they are in boarding that can be easily arranged.