Buisness Name: Michele's Feathered Hotel  
Name: Michele  
City: Quakers Hill  
State: NSW  
Postcode:  2763  
Phone:  0404 015 894  

Fantastic Bird Boarding for your Feathered companion at great rates!

  • “Home away from Home” for your feathered companions, constant care and supervision, part of a flock environment, wonderful menu and cages cleaned daily.
  • Cage, toys, fresh food and water supplied..
  • GREAT competitive rates
  • Our premises are secured and monitored by Silver Arrow Security.
  • 6 years’ experience with Eclectus Parrots, life long experience with birds..
  • Regularly attend Parrot workshops for updates and new information..


Name: Tailai O'Brien
Address:  772 Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford
City Sydney
Postcode: 2118
State: NSW
Office Phone: 02 9871 5156
When boarding with Tailai, your bird will be kept in a friendly and happy house environment. Fresh food and water will be made available on a daily basis. This includes fresh seed, a variety of fruits and vegetables and clean, filtered water. Your bird's cage will also be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis.
Before boarding with Tailai, it is required that your bird be tested for Psittacosis. This ensures that this contagious disease is not transmitted throughout the household or to other boarding birds. Prior to boarding, please phone Carlingford Animal Hospital to make an appointment for a Psittacosis test.
What you need to bring:
Your bird's cage, as this gives your bird a sense of familiarity.
The seed your bird eats at home, as every brand has different seeds and tastes.
Any vitamins or medications your bird is taking.
Written instruction on your bird's daily routine.
By providing the above items, Tailai is able to provide your pet bird with a daily routine similar to that when it is at home. This gives the bird a sense of familiarity and ensures that your pet remains happy and healthy during its stay.

Carmen McGill
City: Wagga Wagga
Postcode: 2650
State: NSW
Mobile Phone: 0411299529
  • Pet Parrot Pre School
  • In home consultations
  • Phone consultations
  • Online consultations

Problems with your parrots?
Who's training Who?
Want to educate and understand them so you can have a happy, healthy & interactive parrot?
Learn all about environment enrichment, correct diet, cage set up, positive reinforcement training and how to educate and understand your bird.
Carmen's is an experienced vet nurse with over 30yrs experience with Companion Parrots.
Carmen has had many success stories including training birds for Vetafarm in Wagga Wagga & helping clients with their parrot's that have major behaviour problems
and achieving great results. Carmen also holds parrot training workshops throughout the year in N.S.W and will travel to attend in home consultations.

For more information phone: Carmen