Name: Kate Mornement
City: Melbourne
State: VIC
Mobile Phone: 0438 569 610

Kate is an animal behaviourist and trainer providing in-home animal behaviour consulting and training services to clients, professional lectures, seminars and workshops to companion animal owners, people who work professionally with captive animals, animal shelter staff, vets and vet nurses. As a Bird Behaviourist she consults at the avian specialist clinic Bird Vet Melbourne providing in-clinic behaviour consultations to parrot owners.

Kate's goals are to educate pet owners, and those who work professionally with animals, about the science of animal behaviour, learning and training to enhance the lives of captive and companion animals and their guardians by improving animal welfare and human-animal relationships.

Specialties: Animal Behaviour Consulting, Applied Behaviour Analysis, Behaviour Modification, Animal Training, Seminars/Workshops/Lectures, Shelter Dog Behaviour Assessment, Human-Animal Bond.