Name: Jade Fountain
Buisness Name: Animal Behaviour Matters
City: Hobart
State: TAS
Phone: 0413 089 759

"Training for Pets and their People, Training for Education, Training for Welfare, Training for Conservation.

Jade Fountain is a professional animal behavioural trainer interested in helping you understand the animal's in your life. Conducting Animal Training & Behaviour Consults and Education for all species - dogs, cats, birds, horses, small animals & livestock.

She incorporates methods and concepts from a background in psychology, with training techniques that are modern, gentle and effective in shaping any animal?s behaviour from fish to elephants. She has a background in working with both domestic and exotic species as a qualified zookeeper and has worked in Animal Shelters for several years. Using positive, practical, scientifically proven methods we can provide effective, long-term problem behaviour solutions which will enhance the bond that you share with your animal. We focus on force-free, reinforcement training.

The knowledge she has gained from the zoo industry on working and training an array of different species is a valuable tool. Prior to working in the zoo industry, she spent several years working at RSPCA shelters where she gained extensive experience with domestic animals. 
Jade regularly travels nationally and internationally to attend conferences and seminars on animal behaviour and training to maintain professional development and remain up to date with the most current scientific methods of training. Jade will help you understand your animals behaviour and will work with you to tailor a safe, effective programme for both you and your pet's individual circumstances."