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Natural Ladder Bridge Medium


These Natural Ladder Bridges are made from 100% Natural safe chewable Australian Native rough bark timber & gum nuts. 

Made with all Stainless Steel hardware and includes 4 x Qlinks so it can be easily hung like a bridge.

It can be used as a play gym area, ladder or bridge to allow your bird to get to one point of the aviary or cage to the other. 

Your bird will love ripping away at the natural bark timber and you can hide some of your birds favourite treats amongst the gum nuts for extra foraging. 

Available Small and Large, see Related products on right. 

This size is suitable for Small to Medium birds. 

See size measurements below under Additional Information. 

Checkout Gracie on the left enjoying her Natural Ladder Bridge Large. 

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Product Number: 1231

Additional Information

Bird Size Small, Medium
Bird Species Ringnecks, Lorikeets, Quakers, Conures, Hahns Macaw, Caiques, Rosellas, Alexandrines, Galahs, Eclectus, Amazons, African Greys, Shortbill Corellas, Major Mitchell, Medium Macaws
Size Approx 95cm long x 17cm wide
Brand Naturally Wild

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