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McFeast Spiral


Especially hand crafted by the PRC.

Lots of natural timber, plastic & coloured wood bits that spiral down and have a length of plastic chain hanging from the middle. 

Great for small birds in aviary, as they can hang of and chew and play.

Especially entertaining toy for Macaws and Cockatoos.

Hangs with Stainless Steel wire and Qlink (metal chain at the top of the toy, as seen in image, is no longer included)

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Product Number: 457

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Additional Information

Bird Size Medium, Large, XLarge
Bird Species Galahs, Eclectus, Amazons, African Greys, Shortbill Corellas, Major Mitchell, Hahns Macaws, Sulpher Crested Cockatoos, Blue and Gold Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Black Cockatoos, Long Billed Corellas, Green Wing Macaws
Size 35cm long x 20cm wide
Brand Parrot Rescue Centre

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