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Jolly Ball Hide Me Large - TOY


WOW! How exciting is this Jolly Ball Hide Me Toy!

Great sleeping hut for your birds or  a day time playing hide away. 

This is for the adventurous parrot, who loves to climb, play and hide amongst their toys.

This 10" large jolly ball is 25cm dia and has 5 x 8cm round holes that your parrot can climb into.

On the outside of the toy there are stings of Cotton rope threaded with beads, wood, leather etc and also at each entrance hole there are cotton rope swings to help your parrot enter the Jolly Ball.

Why not fill the inside with your parrots favourite foot toys or hide their favourite treats inside!

This toy has huge potential This ball is made with hard, durable, and tough heavy duty polyethylene plastic that will withstand tough beaks!

Has 5 holes, 3 around sides and two on top!

All hardware including chain, o rings and pear link are Stainless Steel.

Now only available in BLUE

Suitable for small birds, see species below. Please check the size of your bird before purchasing, to ensure they will fit in the holes. 

Some recent feedback from a happy customer:

"Jolly Balls in the boys cages where they sleep a lot better than Happy huts ...they can`t chew them to bits and easy to clean..another great purchase from PRC.... :) I am a Happy customer...."

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Product Number: 912

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Additional Information

Bird Size XSmall, Small
Bird Species Ringnecks, Lorikeets, Quakers, Conures, Caiques, Rosellas, Alexandrines, Hahns Macaws
Size 25cm dia x 8cm hole x 5mm thick
Brand Parrot Rescue Centre
  1. Wonderful toy Review by parrotgirl

    My Quaker was a but wary at first but now loves to play and hide his toys in there and/or drop his toys from it whilst peeking out. He seems to love the acoustics as he likes to shriek and talk in there as well! The dangly toys were also a big hit and I rigged up a few more inside.

    It is quite pricey but I would imagine would last many years as it is made of tough plastic. (Posted on 25/03/18)

  2. Loved It Review by Kristy

    My Green Cheeks loved this! And because it has little o rings inside it made it easy for me to hang toys inside for them to shred. They were a bit intimidated at first because of its size. It's like a full basket ball probably more.
    But once they got in there it's hard to get them out, they Just absolutely love it,. a MUST HAVE! (Posted on 29/12/14)

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