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Hide N Seek


This toys is filled with wood blocks, vine balls and shredded paper.

It is good to hide some of your parrots favourite treats inside like Almonds in shell and then watch your parrot chew through all the materials to try and access his treat.

The treat box securely screws on to cage from the outside and can be easily removed from bracket, so that the frame that holds the toy stays in place while you are filling up the treat box.

Easy to clean and constructed from high impact polycarbonate.

Refills available under Toy Parts, please see Accessories below

Watch Sophie below chewing into the wood blocks in her Hide N Seek foraging toy

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Product Number: 219

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Additional Information

Bird Size Medium, Large
Bird Species Alexandrines, Galahs, Eclectus, Amazons, African Greys, Shortbill Corellas, Major Mitchell, Medium Macaws, Sulpher Crested Cockatoos, Blue and Gold Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Black Cockatoos, Long Billed Corellas
Size 8cm long x 10cm wide x 10cm dia
Brand Creative Foraging


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