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Groovy Tom Tom


This toy will provide hours of stimulation!

Each block has notches which you can hide your birds favourite treats amoungst.

The notches provide extra stimulation, as your bird will try to reach inside the notch and also grip their beak between each notch to try and pull and chew off the timber.

The wood blocks are threaded through with twisted tightly wrapped heavy duty kraft paper, which will give your bird extra chewing fun! Also included are wood door nob beads, wood pipe beads, wood rectangle blocks and FDA approved cardboard.

Refill Wood Blocks are also available for this toy, please see Accessories section below. 

Check out image of D.J enjoying her Groovy Tom Tom 

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Product Number: 1046

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Additional Information

Bird Size Large, XLarge
Bird Species Sulpher Crested Cockatoos, Blue and Gold Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, Black Cockatoos, Long Billed Corellas, Green Wing Macaws, Hyacinth Macaw
Size Approx 55cm long x 35cm wide
Wood Block size: 8.5cm long x 5cm wide x 4cm deep.
Brand Fun Max
  1. Long lasting chewing toy! Review by DJ Olive Green - Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

    Groovy Tom Tom will take many weeks for even the biggest of beaks to get through destroy. Best place for this (extra heavy extra large) toy is either in an aviary, well designed playgym, or extremely large birdcage. Great bang for buck! (Posted on 18/10/14)

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