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Bird Available for Adoption:

Name: Chris

Species: Little Corella

Sex: Unknown

Age: Adult

Location: Sydney Region, NSW

Interstate Adoption Allowed: NO 

Adoption Fee: $80

Comes with cage: No

General Info from foster carer: 

  • Chris is a playful and outgoing and loves attention

  • Chris is confident around same size and larger companion parrots, never bossy, and always flies over to engage

  • Chris can get a little loud when his wild relatives come in to visit

  • Chris's absolute favourite toy is a Chipper Parrots large native swing, Chris is often seen swinging upside down flapping his wings until too puffed to continue

  • Chris can step up and loves a scratch, there may be some small excited bites but they are not hard or nasty

  • Chris would be suitable for a large Parrot Cage or Aviary with other parrots

  • Chris will play with anything, dropped feathers, native seed pods, or even a piece of bark, everything is a game for Chris



Please CLICK HERE to find out more about our adoption process and to apply to adopt 

If you have already previously applied for adoption within the last year or have any questions, please send an email with your interest/questions to

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