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Book- Bubba and the Sweet Pea


By Gladys Boutros

This is a children's book, inspired by a sulphur-crested cockatoo's battle with PBFD (beak & feather disease). It is a story that will teach children the true meaning of inner beauty and value of self worth, and that may instill in them the confidence to manage challenges they may be faced with.

Also, a story that will help raise awareness and funds for the further research of PBFD, the disease that took Bubba.

More about the story: "Bubba, a beautiful and magnificent cockatoo, is the show’s star attraction! But something very strange is happening...Bubba is losing his feathers!

With hope and courage, Bubba sets out on an unforgettable journey in search of Uriah the great Eagle, who has the power to grant any wish.

All Bubba has to offer Uriah is a humble sweet pea.

Join Bubba on his amazing adventure in quest of his feathers, as he learns through his struggles and fears, what it means to be truly beautiful.

The book has beautifully coloured animated pictures.

Binding: Softcover

85 page

Availability: In stock

Product Number: 396


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