Bird Boarding

Do you need a guilt free holiday?

Leave your precious birds with understanding and knowledgeable parrot carers.

  • We provide quality care for your pet birds, including clean housing, healthy diet, enrichment and interaction.

  • We board from Small to Large birds.

  • We provide the one on one care that your bird requires.

  • We require all parrots to be health checked by a qualified Avian Veterinarian.

  • Boarding Rates are $18 for Small birds, $20 for Medium birds and $25 for Large birds. These rates are per day. Discounted rates are available if you are boarding more than one bird and when boarding over 4 weeks. 

  • We are Located in Bonogin, Gold Coast, Queensland.

  • More detailed information will be provided via email, please fill out contact form below.


PRC Boarding service is currently closed till further notice.


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