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Thank you for your interest in the Parrot Rescue Centre’s Adoption Programs.

We currently have two options available for Adoption, please click on the menu option on the left for further information.

Here is a brief description of both:

Home Adoption

This allows you to adopt a bird and take it home to live with you permanently .The bird will be legally yours forever if you abide by the PRC Adoption terms and conditions. Available Australia Wide.

To find out more please click here or on Home Adoption in the Menu bar on the left. 

Virtual Adoption

You choose a bird that currently permanently lives at the PRC to virtually adopt. The bird stays living at the PRC and your financial contribution helps with their ongoing care at the PRC. You do not have any ownership rights; this is only a yearly sponsorship that allows you to take part in looking after a bird that is currently in a Sanctuary situation. This is a good option if you cannot look after a bird in your home.

To find out more please click here or on Virtual Adoption in the Menu bar on the left.   

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